Slingshot, HFA's rights management service, is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that is designed to streamline the licensing and royalty process, accelerate market entry and reduce administration cost for music distributors.

A one-stop-shop, Slingshot eliminates the need for clients to hire a staff to manage thousands of licensing relationships, develop a rights database, program complex royalty formulas, or handle the royalty payment process. Clients make one payment to us and we handle the rest. Simple!

With Slingshot, you focus on your core business and goals and leave the rights management to us.

We offer a flexible suite of services.

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"Relying upon Slingshot for our rights management needs has streamlined our business processes and has given us the freedom to focus on what we do best – make great music available to the music consumer."

Kenneth Friedli Chief Financial Officer, StarVista Entertainment
and Time Life

"When we needed a service provider to handle all of our lyrics licensing needs, it was only natural for us to turn to HFA. Time after time, HFA quickly and efficiently turns around a high volume of license requests for our extensive lyrics library."

Darryl Ballantyne President, LyricFind

"Slingshot has been our go-to solution for administering all our rights management needs. Using Slingshot has been seamless and incredibly effective for us."

Jonathan Kehl Ultimate Guitar